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How Hollywood can influence us

Are Hollywood’s Alpha Males Teaching Us the Wrong Lessons About Masculinity?

There’s a fascinating feature in this month’s UK edition of Esquire magazine that bemoans the “paucity of real heroes and real men in Hollywood today”. There are, according to the Irish author Kevin Maher, only two actors left who “are staging a brave last stand for masculinity at the movies”: Denzel Washington (60) and Liam Neeson (61). Maher fears the credits are set to roll on the “old school, analogue, macho man” as he makes way for one of his less masculine successors, such as “the geek fantasy heroes (comic book stars) or touchy-feely, geek protagonists” played by actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne. He isn’t the only person to have noticed the gradual evolution of masculinity in the movies and for some men in the film industry, the change can’t happen soon enough. I recently met the Colombian film director, Andres Dussan, whose latest film, Down Dog, tells the story of an emotionally stunted father, learning how to connect with his teenage son. 

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