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Where Down Dog comes from

Andres Dussan is the director of new film about fatherhood, scripted by the writer of Men Behaving Badly, Simon Nye. Here he tells insideMAN how his own emotional journey as a father inspired him to work on the film.

I grew up in a very successful family. My dad was a very successful guy, very good at university at work. My mum was a very disciplined woman and hardworking. There was a kind of harsh discipline at home, but at the same time my dad was always around and was a very loving caring guy.

At school, I kind of became very competitive. I became the president of the school council in high school and then I created a couple of organisations at university.

I ended up working as an adviser to the president of Columbia when I was twenty something and I created another organisation that grew in seven different countries in Latin America and won millions of dollars of contracts.

I was, I think, a very aggressive, very competitive go-getter. I used to be a harsh boss, demanding everything from everybody and everything was kind of working I guess.

Then I got married and I had a child and suddenly there was this new person there and it was a kind of loving and very profound relationship. When my wife decided that she wanted to go back to work, I had a moment of wondering what I should do and I said to myself ‘I can do this, I can stay at home’...

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